A collection of 3 of our favourite soaps in one carefully crafted bundle. Soaps with scents to take you to the far reaches of our little Island. This package contains Breezy at the beach, When life gives you lemons and Dear Rose.

3 x 100g £27.00


Please & Thank You soaps are packed full of vegetable extracts to clean hands without drying or irritating. With 95% naturally derived ingredients, including Shea Butter; a universally applauded skincare hero, and triple refined for a beautiful silky lather and minimal sink gunk. Vegan & cruelty free. One bar of soap given away free for every one sold. Fully recyclable packaging. Proudly made in Britain.

3 x 100g £27.00

100% Recyclable Packaging

Free Delivery Over £20

Gunk Free

Naturally Derived Ingredients

No Animal Testing

One for One Donation

Vegan Friendly