Luxury hand soap with in-built kindness

Beautifully natural British soaps designed to bring joy whilst keeping hands safe. Our soaps are vegansustainably packaged and gunk free.

But that’s not all. For every one you buy, we donate another to someone in need.

Please & Thank You luxury soaps are brilliant for hand washing at home if you’re in the mood for a little everyday indulgence without the wasteful plastic. They’re also perfect for making someone smile as a surprise gift. We believe that all hands are beautiful, and deserve to be looked after. So for every soap bar we sell, we donate another to those experiencing hygiene poverty.

Handwashing with in-built kindness smells all kinds of good.

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100% Recyclable Packaging

Gunk Free

Naturally Derived Ingredients

No Animal Testing

One for One Donation

Vegan Friendly

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“Please and Thank You soap has been a revelation. It’s just lovely to have a real bar of soap, the actual act of washing your hands feels so much more luxurious and relaxing than pumping it out of a plastic bottle, and one bar lasts so long! From the stylish packaging to the beautiful perfume - love it”