Video games are a new way of education


In the past 20 years, the worldwide education has changed quite a bit. This change was duo to the fact that kids lost interest in watching cartoon and all those interesting documentaries and instead, started playing video games. But, what is the real effect of video games and are they getting more and more educational, or are they simply a waste of time as our parents suggest? Without further wait, let us go straight into the effects of video games and their impact on the today’s educational system for kids.

New way of education

Our ancestors would not understand the way education is passed on to the next generations. Moreover, most of our grandparents are surprised by how much time we spend in front of our TVs absorbing all the information. The top of the iceberg is definitely the fact that more and more children under the age of 7 have iPads and Tablets of different kinds, and spend a lot of time using them. During breakfast, lunch, or any other activity, kids use their tablets to watch videos on YouTube, play games whether they are of the educational type or just regular games, and do certain things to keep them occupied. However, most of the games designed for kids are educational and include at least one field of education. Some cover math, other geography and science, but those video games like Poptropica cover many things in one. Your child will have to use all of his brain skills to solve puzzles, problems and conquer all the quests which game has to offer. This is the new way of education, which so far proves to be working.

Improved Working memory

Did you know that by playing video games, your kids improve their working memory which is very important at later stage of life when job and demanding projects become their everyday routine? Video games require them to use more than just one part of their brain, and since they are repeating the process over and over again, your kids tend to improve their brain coordination overtime and to improve their thinking capacity. Moreover, their working memory is boosted to the point where they easily recognize patterns and shapes and their imagination is inspired and boosted immensely, leaving them with creative ideas and “outside the box” way of thinking. This becomes a very unique and valuable trait when it comes to solving problems.

Modern education

Believe it or not, but even schools and colleges started using technology to moderate their way of teaching. Some tend to play slide shows to present their material to the students, other use personalized applications and social media to connect and communicate with their students. Education is evolving, but with every evolution comes a downside; less and less books will be read, less and less relevant information will be transferred and before we can realize, the world’s educational system might be completely changed. And perhaps one day in not so distant future, robots might be your professors?

video games

Learning through visualization

One of the best things which video games have to offer is learning through visualization. By facing different problems and tasks, a player learns how to solve every bit of problem and transfers the same skills into real life. Also, at some point, you have to gain leadership, item management and trading skills, along with many other skills which will help you develop into a business person.

Gaming is not studying

People tend to abuse the video games and since it is so easy to get addicted to them, avoid the educational part and just continue playing video games for the sake of having fun. This is where most problems start, and labeling gaming at this point as “educational” would be faulty. So it is very important to control the amount of time your kids spend on their computer and iPads to prevent them from developing chronic addiction. The only time to do it is while they are kids, for once they get stuck in the infinite loop of gaming, all that education inserted into video games will become pointless.

Gaming does improve certain fields of your brain and thinking, but it has a lot side effect, like aggression, becoming anti-social, uncontrolled behavior and many other similar effects. But, looking at the world right now, with e-sports on the rise every day, more and more kids and children turn towards gaming and want to pursue a professional career at it. Yes, gaming is educational but only if controlled.

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