Top Tips For Your Caravan Holiday

Want to go on a camping holiday but not sure where to start? This handy guide by The Caravan Club provides some great tips on preparing for your camping trip.

Make Sure Your Wellies Stay Nice & Dry

If your holiday trip requires you to take your wellies along, make sure you keep them nice & dry. To do this is actually very simple. All you need to do is take two sticks and bang them into the ground. Now take your wellies and put them over the sticks. This will help them dry quickly and prevent you from making a muddy mess in your caravan.

Sort Your Dirty Laundry As You Go

The worst thing you can do is throw all of your dirty laundry into one bag and forget about it until you get home. To make things easier take a few large carrier bags that can be used for dirty laundry only. Separate your laundry by colour so when you get home you can just toss them in the washing machine and clean them.

kb003wmAlways Have A Torch

You’re not going to spend all of your time on the caravan. There will be some nights you will want to step out and have a little fun. In those situations you will need a torch to light your way.

Take A Tumble Dryer & Freshener Sheets

This is for those who take their four legged friends along with them on the trip. If your dog gets wet, whether it be from the rain or because he decided to venture off into a lake, he will get the dreaded wet dog smell. And as we all know, that’s not a pleasant smell. Luckily there is a simple solution to this problem. After you towel dry your dog take the tumble dryer and a freshener sheet to dry him off. This will make your dog smell nice and fresh. Be sure to look up pet friendly holiday parks so your dog can enjoy the trip too.

Put An Elastic Band Over Each Spare Toilet Roll

If you will be taking your own toilet rolls be sure to have a few elastic bands with you as well. When the roll is on the holder in the caravan you can slip off the elastic band. This makes it easy for you to slide it right back on when you are ready to leave.

Make Sure You Have A Tupperware Container On Hand

When you are traveling in a mobile home one of the best holiday meals is scrambled eggs. And while scrambled eggs are usually very easy to make, it can prove to be a big challenge when you don’t have much space to work with. The simple solution is to crack the eggs in a Tupperware container. Put the lid on and shake! You are now ready to make scrambled eggs.

Get Rid Of The Condensation

When each family member has to get in the shower the mirror is going to get a bit foggy. To prevent this from happening take a wet cloth and some wash up liquid and wipe down the mirror. You won’t have to worry about your mirror fogging up for the rest of the trip.

Pick A Park Close To The Beach

There are a lot of great holiday parks you can get to by foot. However, if you plan on spending the bulk of your time on the beach it is best to pick a park that is in close proximity to a beach. Otherwise you will have to drive to the beach and pray you find parking.

Pre Book When Possible

Most holiday parks come equipped with just about anything you would ever need. This includes cots, high chairs and even buggies. Not having to pack these items can save you a ton of space. Just make sure you call ahead and check availability. If you are able to pre book be sure to take advantage of this option. There is nothing worse than getting to your destination and not having the items you need.

Make Sure You’re covered And Have Got Insurance

There are countless things that can go wrong on a caravan holiday. It’s easy to let your guard down when on a relaxing holiday, simple things like locking the door before heading to the toilet block can easily be forgotten. As such, many caravanners have been the victims of burglaries; opportunists sneak into caravan parks and try their luck so it’s important to make sure your insurance policy covers contents. You can buy specialist caravan insurance that covers you for most of the year. Companies like The Caravan Club have reasonably priced packages and it’s worth paying a small amount up front so you don’t wind up paying through the nose replacing your valuables.

Check For Specific Activities At The Time Of Booking

Our parks and facilities have a variety of different activities guaranteed to keep the family entertained. However, we understand every family is different and will have the need for different services. For example, your family may be interested in babysitting services or a toddler pool. If you need these services be sure to check if they are available at the time of booking.

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