How to Throw the Most Memorable Housewarming Party Ever

It’s happening! You’re finally moved in in your dream space, boxes are unpacked, all the furniture’s arrived, decorations and interior accessorize are placed around and all you are to now is, well – throw an amazing housewarming party honoring this big moment in your life!

Given you want everything to go perfect, you might be just a bit stuck with where to start… well, worry no more! We are giving you some amazing advice that will definitely help you out!


Start with a plan

The way your party is going to go about pretty much depends on the type of plan you make; to have everything run as smoothly as possible, make sure you dot out some of the most important aspects of your event like what will the time/date of the party be, what food you’ll be serving, will you throw a big or a smaller get-together, will there be caterers, what type of decorations will you want, etc.

All these are seemingly easy choices to make but when you get down to business, you only then see how draining these decisions can be. So, start planning before it’s too late!

Get classy with the invitations

Since this is your first (we’ll assume) housewarming party, you want everything to be just right; we’d always suggest surprising your invitees with a classy invitation card sent the old fashioned way – imagine how thrilled your guests will be when they find a gorgeous housewarming invite in their mailbox! Naturally, if you think this is too much for the type of event you are organizing, send the invitations while email, but also make sure they have a fabulous design. RSVPs are must, too. You do need to know how many people to expect, don’t you!


Get creative with the seating

Regardless of you gathering people inside of the home or outside, in your gorgeous yard/balcony/terrace you should be mindful of the seating chart; don’t put people sitting too close as it will not only limit their comfort but it will just be plain awkward. Give them plenty of places to perch. If you are lacking space, put some cushions on the floor and create a boho vibe. If you are not a fan of the old-fashioned sit and eat style, you can also have a buffet with plenty of wonderful food that will be served for the guests to help themselves whenever they’re feeling hungry, or while they are sipping on their drinks and mingling. In that case, seating won’t be a problem at all!

Mind the decorations

Decorations are half of the good vibe, so make sure you go all in; lanterns, DIY table decorations like candles in jars or flowers in bottles placed around the space (you can buy amazing bottle shapes in any of the bottle shops in Melbourne). You can also use Christmas lights and hang them around for the added romantic vibe.


Secure the music

Depending on the type of housewarming party you are throwing, meaning whether you want to go all out and make it a party party or you want to organize a chill get-together, you need to chose your music; if you are throwing something wild, a DJ is in order! Either book one or talk to your talented friends who’ve been DJ-ing around to make their “performance” at your house your housewarming gift. If, however, you are going for the chill vibe, just getting good sound system and playing your favorite tracks from the computer will do.

Make sure there’s enough of everything

One of the most important rules of every successful party is to have enough food and drinks so nobody feels limited to how much they’ll eat or drink. Stock your fridge and tell your friends there’s plenty of everything so they can enjoy all the fresh, gorgeous plates you’ve prepared for them.

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