The Effects on the Growth of a Child Being in His/Her Preferred Learning Environment


The positive effects that are associated with allowing a child to learn in his/her preferred environment truly are remarkable. All parents at some point will be faced with the choice of where to allow their child to get their education. Some will choose public schooling, some private schooling and others will choose homeschooling. Every family has a different reason for making their choice and most should consider their child’s input on the matter prior to making a decision.

If a child chooses online schooling, or homeschooling, if feasible, the parent should seriously consider this request. The same goes for a request to attend public or private school.

Must I Choose Homeschooling My Child if they Have Expressed Interest?

The child’s preferred learning environment should be considered in order to maintain a level of confidence within the child. If your child specifically requests homeschooling or online schooling you should heavily consider this alternative to public or private school. Requesting this type of schooling likely has a lot to do with comfort. Whether the comfort be in remaining close to the family, feeling a sense of safety and security, or seeking comfort in the seclusion of private learning, this desire for comfort should be nurtured.

A child that feels comfortable in their learning environment has more of a chance for success than one who is forced into an undesirable circumstance. Online homeschooling allows you to customize a curriculum of your choosing, to uniquely meet the needs of your individual child. This will offer more opportunity for success in learning for your child, ultimately setting him/her up for success in the future.

Whether your child requests public school, private school, or home education it is important that you weigh the benefits of the option in a serious manner –for the sake of your child’s future educational success. offer a free 30 day online homeschooling trial. Be sure to see if their technology matches up with your child’s needs.

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