Start Using Liquid Lipstick Today

Ever wondered if you can pull off show-stopping red lips? Of course you can! Whether you’re after a Marilyn ruby or vampish crimson, there’s a colour out there for everyone. What’s more, if you haven’t got your hands on the latest scarlet pouted trend – a liquid lipstick – what are you waiting for?

When you’re rocking a red lipsticked lip, you may find one curse: it gets everywhere. And by everywhere, we do mean everywhere – your teeth, your wine glass, the collar of your white blouse and the cheek of everyone you greet.

That’s why liquid lipsticks are the ultimate answer. Massive news this A/W season and giving you ferocious colour that doesn’t budge all day, paint one onto your lips and watch the magic as it dries super matte and super bold.


Here we bring you our go-to tips for discovering your perfect matte pout.

Find Your Skin Tone

If you’re not sure if you’re cool or warm toned, you can always study your skin in a mirror (yellow undertones indicate a warm complexion whereas the cool skinned are those dubbed the pale and interesting). However, a more fun way is to check out the veins on your inner arm. Blue? You’re cool toned. Green? You’re warm! Something else? You may have a problem.

Try Before You Buy

Although you may be accustomed to a sneaky testing on the back of your hand to check out a potential new lip colour, you’re doing it all wrong. Instead, try lipsticks out on the tip of one of your fingers; here is closest to your actual lip colour and will give you a better idea of how it’ll look on your smackers.

Make It Liquid

Goes on like a lipgloss, with all the intense pigment of lipstick. Dries like velvet paint and stays put all day. What more could you want from your new liquid friend? Our go-to favourite is the Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick by Stila.

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