Start Your Perfect Day Off with a Perfect Breakfast


We all love a day off – waking up and staying in bed, moving as slowly as we like around the bathroom, and flopping down on the sofa to plan the fun things we’re going to do.

With such a slow agenda, you may be tempted to skip breakfast. That kind of fuel’s only needed for work, right? Wrong! Breakfast is an important meal, no matter what your agenda for the rest of the day, and we struggle to think of a better way to start your perfect day off than with a perfect breakfast. Read on for easy breakfast recipes for kids and adults alike and make your morning routine as simple and delicious as possible every day of the week.

Get the eggs out

Eggs are one of the most delicious and nutritious residents of our fridges, but how often do you really have time for them in the mornings? Now you’ve got a well-deserved day off, it’s time to get eggy. Fried eggs are a great treat, but using too much oil may make you feel sluggish later so you can use a low calorie spray instead.

The simple fried egg sandwich is one of the glories of creation, but don’t let your imagination stop there – we love a fried egg sarnie in toasted wholemeal bread, with sliced avocado, fruit chutney, and a sprinkle of parmesan. Delicious. Alternatively, make a simple omelette or scrambled eggs for a lighter option.

Plate up pancakes

We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like pancakes. Bright and colourful pancake recipes for kids are a great weekend treat for your little ones but on day’s off why not try your own adult versions by sampling new flavour combinations and ingredients. If all else fails, the classic lemon and sugar is always a good way to start your day!

The truth is that there isn’t much you can’t put in pancake batter. Recipes for kids involve natural colourings, dried fruit, and chocolate chips but have you tried seeds such as chia or flax, raw cocoa nibs, agave nectar, or diced dates? All of these can add a little something special to your breakfast of champions. We love to fry them in coconut oil for maximum texture, just be sure to open a window to let the smoke out.

Get fresh

The continental breakfast is a staple of hotels, and a great way to eat fresh local produce while abroad, but few people go all out with melon and grapefruit at home. Why not give yourself the five star treatment in the comfort of your kitchen and enjoy some fresh fruit and delicate pastries?

Grapefruit and melon with a sprinkle of soft brown sugar and cinnamon is an easy place to start. Follow up with fancy hams from a local butcher, fresh artisanal bread from your nearest bakery, and your finest special-occasion coffee.

Breakfast is a great excuse to find local suppliers of honey and jam so why not check nearby fairs and farmers markets and see what you come up with.

Briany grains

From cereal to porridge to birchir, the humble cereal is a dietary staple. Your all-star breakfast is the perfect time to shine a spotlight on this wonderful food group but getting a little more creative than pouring granola out of the packet.

It’s wonderfully easy to make your own muesli, and stored in an airtight container in the cupboard you can look forward to reliving the dream for days to come. Muesli bases can be made from puffed grains, rolled oats, bran and germ, and even crushed cornflakes. Ingredients that keep in the cupboard include your favourite dried fruits, stevia powder, and all kinds of seeds. When it comes to toppings, go wild with fresh fruit and yoghurt!

Our favourite is a base of rolled oats mixed with dried cranberries, goldenberries, green stevia, and mixed seeds, and topped with greek yogurt and fresh blueberries. You can’t go wrong if you add what you love!

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