How Soon After Engagement to Start Wedding Planning?

Once you decide to take your relationship to the next level, it will become quite difficult to think about anything but the big day. Of course, most soon-to-be brides spend ages fantasizing about their wedding day, thinking about all the details that are going to make that day memorable, without actually considering how much time and energy is needed to organize an event such as this one.

It’s a thin line between that happily engaged period and the whole chaotic wedding planning process. This is why it’s important to start your wedding preparations on time, so you would be able to carefully plan out every single detail for this special occasion. If you’re still wondering when and how to start planning, perhaps this guideline will help you get through these hectic times:

Create A Budget

Even if you’re not planning on getting married soon, it will be necessary to create a budget plan, so you can take into consideration all the minor details. Most couples don’t realise that wedding planning is an expensive process and even the smallest details can break the bank. This is exactly why it’s crucial to set an approximate budget as soon as possible. This way you will be able to start with the preparations whenever you are feeling ready, knowing how much money you have available. This is especially important for couples who are in a rush to get hitched soon.

Start with The Guests

Although it might not seem that way, but the guest list will actually determine when’s the right time to set the date for the wedding and dive into the whole planning process. The number of guests you are planning on inviting to your big day will determine how big the event itself is going to be. If you are planning a small intimate wedding with just a few of your closest friends and family members, then there’s no need to start the preparations just yet. But, if you’re dreaming of a grandiose wedding with more than 150 guests, then it would be a good idea to slowly start planning everything.


Book A Venue

The wedding venue is also one of the deciding factors when it comes to wedding planning, as most stunning and affordable wedding venues require booking some time in advance. If you want to make sure that your big day goes without any troubles, the best solution is to book a venue at least 1 year before the actual wedding. It’s also a good idea to inquire and inform yourself about available venue options and to be flexible about the dates. Also, keep in mind whether you’re planning your wedding in peak seasons, as this will also determine the availability and the cost of the venue.

Choose A Wedding Style

Right after you have successfully booked the perfect venue, you will have just enough time to plan out your wedding style. The overall wedding concept is going to be your ultimate wedding guide, as it will determine every single detail of your special day. Whether you choose a vintage, rustic, classic or modern style, this will decide the look of your venue, the décor and details, food and drinks and most importantly – the dress and the accessories. Starting 10 months before the wedding will give you sufficient time to finalize your preparations.

Pick A Dress

Last but certainly not least, choosing your wedding dress should start about 8 months prior to the wedding. This way you will have plenty of time to make the necessary changes and fixes if needed. A couple of months before the big day, you can start choosing your undergarments, accessories and your bridal shoes.

The right time to get married is when you personally feel ready to say the matrimonial yes. But if you’re not in a rush and wish to take your time to plan out the perfect wedding day, then this timeline will surely help you start (and finish) your wedding preparations on time.

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