How to nail your wedding guest dress style

When it comes to choosing a wedding outfit, there’s a fine line we must walk between looking striking and dressing appropriately. You also want an outfit that suits the weather, the venue and that you’ll feel comfortable in all day. In that case, it’s never a good idea to rush into this type of decision.

Luckily, we’ve covered a few do’s, and don’ts so that you can be the best-dressed guest there.

Avoid white at all costs

It may be 2018 but, unless you’re the bride, it’s still not ok to wear white to a wedding. This is an unwritten rule that tends to stand even if bride herself has gone for a non-white gown. White accessories are ok, but if you’re hell-bent on wearing something lighter, why not opt for something neutral instead?

Stay away from short hemlines

Similarly, a short hemline at a wedding tends to be regarded as inappropriate. Anyway, who says that a longer hemline can’t be sexy? Try something irregular that allows for a flash of leg, just make sure that you keep it classy. To stay on trend this season, sites like Ashleigh Plus Size handpick items that will help you look great no matter your shape.

Wearing black is OK

Way back when, black was a colour synonymous with doom and gloom and wearing black to a wedding was actually considered a passive-aggressive protest to the marriage. Today’s modern wedding guests have started to embrace this chic colour and its now the cut, fit and material of the dress that needs to be taken into account. Black isn’t ok if it’s a skin-tight dress or very low-cut. Although, these are things you should avoid regardless of the outfit’s colour.

Consider the height of your heels

A wedding is usually an event where you’ll be expected to be on your feet all day and all night. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing your footwear so that you can avoid wearing shoes that will leave you limping home. A smaller heel or something a little chunkier will help you remain upright a lot longer. If your shoes are new, we also recommend that you wear them in a little before the big day.

It’s best to stick to sleeves

If the ceremony is going to be religious then it’ll probably be taking place in a sacred space. To remain respectful, make sure you’ve chosen something that covers your shoulders. If you’ve chosen a dress with spaghetti straps, take a light cover-up or jacket with you that you can take on and off when needs be.

Keep accessories minimal  

Think carefully about the essentials that you’ll need to get you through the day because large handbags and totes don’t tend to ooze wedding guest style. Of course, you’ll want something that matches your outfit, but it’s best to think minimal. The same goes for your accessories. If you’re prone to wearing large hoops every day, think of the wedding day as a jewellery detox.

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