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pie and mash delivery

You’ve been at work all day, it was a nightmare travelling home through the rush hour and the next holiday is just a vague prospect on the distant horizon. It’s hardly surprising if the last thing you want to do is go down to the supermarket, buy some food, prepare and cook it.

All you want after that kind of day is a simply, quick to prepare, yet nourishing and tasty meal to sit and enjoy as you finally begin to wind down.

That answer could be summoned up with the greatest of ease by a pie and mash delivery straight to your door.

Your choice

You might be surprised to find what a huge range of pies are made these days by master piemakers, using the finest local ingredients, to long guarded, secret family recipes.

These are the long-established favourites such as pie, mash and liquor – with a London-based history all of its own, stretching back to street-side stalls in the 18th century, according to British Food: A History. Originally filled with eels, these were substituted with minced beef during the heyday of the London pie and mash shop during Victorian times.

Pie, mash and liquor is a little piece of British food history that can now be delivered straight to your own front door – ready to eat just when you need it after a gruelling day at work.

Steak pies

But it is not just the old-time favourites growing in popularity with discerning diners these days. How about choosing a manly steak pie – you might find these also come in various recipes, such as steak and ale, steak and kidney, steak and potato, or a selection of all three.

Lamb pies

If you like a rather sweeter meat, you might instead go for a lamb filling – ideal when seasoned with rosemary.

Chicken pies

For a somewhat lighter meat filling, of course, there is always chicken – which might be offered as chicken and ham, chicken and mushroom or even a spicy Balti chicken pie.

Vegetarian pies

For vegetarians, you can still enjoy a great tasting, meat free pie with all the trimmings. Pie makers recognise the importance of meeting your needs too and are baking such vegetarian delights as cheese, potato and onion; root vegetable pies; and even a vegetarian version of the signature pie, mash and liquor.

Ready to eat

Delivered to your door as fresh as the moment they left the bakers, pies like this are ready for warming and eating the same day. You might also store them in the fridge for a few days or keep them longer term by putting them in the freezer – just don’t forget to thaw them thoroughly before getting ready to eat them.

The secret to a traditional, handmade pie is the freshness of the ingredients that are used to make them entirely from scratch. With a special delivery of such a quality pie to your own front door, you may finally relax after a long day’s work without the headache of deciding just what there is to eat.

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