Interesting Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Laser Tattoo Removal


It may feel at the time you get a tattoo that you are never going to regret it.  However, as you get older or things in your life change dramatically, so too can your thoughts and feelings on the outlandish decisions you made in your younger years.  While in the past, if you had regrets for the tattoo you got with your boyfriend during college or based on that period when you really identified with goths, you were pretty much stuck with it; nowadays is different.

Laser tattoo removal at ProSkin is one of the most popular and preferred methods for getting rid of the body art you no longer want.  Considering that it is the safest and quickest method for removing ink from your body, it is not hard to see why it is so popular.

If you are still feeling unsure about whether laser removal is an option you want to go with, take some time to read through the list below as it outlines some interesting things about laser tattoo removal you may not have known.

Tattoos Aren’t As Deeply Absorbed As You Think

There is a widely held misconception that tattoo ink seeps and is absorbed deep into your skin.  However, the truth is tattoo ink only sinks as deep as the dermis layer which is the layer directly below the epidermis.  Although it is deep enough so that your tattoo won’t be ruined if the above layer, the epidermis flakes, it is not as deep as you may think.  This means that the process of removing tattoos is probably not as painful or intrusive as you thought.

Non-Tattooed Areas Of Skin Are Protected

One of the biggest concerns that people have about laser removal treatment is its effect on the rest of their skin.  The good thing is though, the way the lasers used work is by targeting the pigment of ink that has been injected into your skin.  The laser then breaks this up into tiny particles.

It is your immune system that then removes the colouring, ensuring that the rest of your skin surrounding the tattooed area is not affected.

Some Ink Colours Are Easier To Remove Than Others

You can be forgiven for think that all tattoo ink is created equally.  This statement is true until it comes to the process of removing the ink.  As a general rule of thumb, colours such as dark blue, green, brown and even black are on the easy to remove end of the colour spectrum.  Don’t be alarmed though and think just because your tattoos have yellows, oranges and reds.  These colours of ink can still be removed.  It is just that it may take longer and more sessions to do so.

Treatment Often Only Takes A Few Minutes

There are many people who are put off having their tattoos removed because they think it will take just as long to remove as it did to have it done originally.  The reality is that laser tattoo removal is so quick that treatment can often be completed within just a few minutes.  This depends of course on the position, placing and colour; but it is still a positive thought to keep in mind.

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