How to Save Money on Fall Sales

It is finally here; the joyful time of falling leaves and falling prices. Though it seems that all the prices have fallen drastically and that we will end up buying thousands of things and still having wallet leftovers; that is often misleading. It has happen more than once, that price tags are more tempting than we cannot handle and that, in the end, we purchase many things we do not actually need. Planning your purchases should keep you away from such situations. Knowing what to buy when will help you make your fall shopping plan. Read on for a few tips on how to get it right.

What – Cars; When – October/November

If you are eager to buy a new vehicle October and November are the months when you can save the most money. New models arrive in dealerships in September, and retailers usually want to get rid of the old one by October, November. That is why they will give various discounts (10% at the least) and special offers for them. The colours also make a huge difference in prices, since some bright shades, such as orange and purple, are being sold well below stickers, during this time of the year.

coverWhat – Food and Wine; When – October/November

Fall is a great time to buy fruits and vegetables at low prices, because they are in season then, so there is no reason for the prices to go high. Exotic fruits and vegetables is, of course, always the priciest, but some products, such as tangerines, cranberries, apples, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, etc will be significantly cheaper. A good wine will always be costly, but with the fall harvest season, it is a great time to stock up on it, because you will have the best selection.

What – Clothes; When – Whole Season

Depending on the very item, the whole fall is filled with clothing sales. September and October are great time to buy summer clothes, so be sure not to miss out all those affordable swimwear sales. Retailers are trying to de-clutter their shelves to fill them with winter and fall items, so take that chance. October is also a great time to buy a new pair of jeans. Wait for the back-to-school fever is over in September, and you will buy a lot of trendy denim pieces at low prices. The end of the season brings with it awesome sales of fall clothing. Transitional items, such as shirts, cardigans, vests, etc can be found at very affordable prices by the end of November.

What – Wedding Dresses; When – November

Bridal stores stock up on new models in September and November, to prepare for the numerous engagements that happen during the winter holidays. As December is the month when most of the proposals occurs, it is only natural that the brides-to-be will rush in to find their dream dresses. For a thrifty bride, a wiser choice is to opt for her dress in November, because the old models are significantly more affordable, when the retailers are trying to clear the last year’s racks.

What – Household Items and Appliances; When – September, October, November

This is a season of joy for someone who wants to renew its cookware stocks or treat its household with new major appliances. Retailers are filling up their stores with new models of washers, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners and dryers in September and October. At that period they want to get rid of the previous year’s models and they mark down their prices. This is also a great time to purchase patio furniture or new window dressings below stickers. Pans, pots and cutlery can go way below their usual prices as the end of the year approaches.

What – Computers and Other Electronics; When – November

The first computer sales happen in the back-to-school shopping period. If you have missed out on the September bargains, there is no need to despair. Some of the lowest prices will not appear until the second half of November. Other items that are on sales in this period are laptops, tablets, digital cameras, HDTVs, and other electronics. Even some major international brands are lowering their prices in this period, so you can easily find Samsung and LG devices on a budget. And prices of the less known brands can reach record lows in this period.

Additional Tips for Every Month

These are the tips for seasonal sales with unlimited shelf life. Avoid the risk of buying something you do not need or want, just because it is a bargain. Plan ahead, by assessing your budget and making priorities list. When shopping for clothes, think about current trends and possible changes next year. Always opt for classic pieces that will not be outdated the very next season. Have a general idea what you want, but be opened to new ideas, if you find something better. Number of items on sale is usually limited, so try to get in the shopping fever as soon as possible.

These were our guidelines that should help you to save money on fall sales, while avoiding post-sales-shopping guilt. We hope they were helpful.

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