How to Protect Your Duvets and Bedding


When investing in duvets and bedding, it’s in your interest to ensure they last you as long as possible.

So who better to give you tips than the UK’s hotel bedding experts, Mitre Linen? Read on for some top tips.

How to look after your duvets and pillows

Not only do you want your duvets and pillows to deliver comfort night after night, you also want to ensure they last you as long as possible. The best way to achieve this is to ensure you maintain a hygienic environment.

Most people sweat around 1-2 pints every night…not a pleasant thought, is it? This of course provides a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria to prosper.

So how can you avoid this? Rather than purchasing a new set of duvets and pillows regularly, you can instead use a good set of pillow and duvet protectors. Not only will these extend the lifespan of your bedding thanks to their water resistant properties, they will also add another element of comfort.

How to protect your mattress

It doesn’t just end with your duvet and pillows. You also need to think about your mattress too. Mattress protectors prolong the life of your mattress by acting as a barrier, protecting the mattress from fluids, thereby helping prevent the development of bacteria inside of it.

Protectors are not only designed to give protection, they also give a sumptuous feel to your bedding range. You will definitely sleep better when you know you know you are in a clean and healthy environment.

Want more information on hygiene?

Have you wondered about your sleeping hygiene habits? When it comes to clean duvets and protecting bedding, a recent health story from Mitre Linen explains the details. This article revealed that every fifth person change their bed sheets as little as once a month.  This is seriously unhygienic when the average person produces 1-2 pints of sweat every night…

So not only is protecting your duvets and bedding important from a cost-saving point of view, there are some serious health benefits too.


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