Do you have a great voice? Have you ever thought of becoming a voice over artist?


Voiceover Artist

How To Become A Voiceover Artist

You don’t have to be one of the most beautiful or talented people in the world to have a lucrative career in film or television. Many women make a good living in the media simply because of the voices. If you have been told you have a beautiful or distinctive voice you may be able to have a career doing female voice over work. There are numerous opportunities to do animated films, commercials and more. The key is to be able to bring a script to life with a dramatic reading. This is a skill that can be developed with some training, imagination and lots of practice.

Doing voiceovers is a form of acting or entertaining where you must be able to attract people’s attention by simply using your voice. This can be quite challenging. Most successful performers use their faces and bodies to bring their performances to life. But if a woman has an attention grabbing voice and she is willing to put in the time it takes to learn how to use it, being a female voiceover specialist is definitely a career option. However, if the woman is imaginative and her voice is versatile enough there are people that can teach them how to do voiceovers for a living.

There are many opportunities to do female voice over work. Sometimes women’s voices are used with animated characters that are young boys, aliens and many other types of characters. Women with good voices can also do commercial, industrial, safety and instructional audio and videos projects. However, having the right teacher, trainer and agent and a way to get your voice heard by people making the hiring decisions is necessary to get your feet and your voice into the door. Your team, your talent and your willingness to practice for hours on end can then make you lots of money.

Many women that make a living doing female voiceover say it was a chance meeting that got the doors to open for them. Others credit their agents or voice coaches for making the crucial introduction. But all of them admit it required lots of practice and versatility on their part to find consistent work in the female voice over industry. Some of those women were ‘discovered’ in singing, public speaking or acting classes. Most of them talk about the many hours of practice, countless audition and being open to advice and guidance for helping them to succeed.

If you have had many people compliment you on your voice and you’re interested in doing female voiceover work, give it a try. But you have to be persistent and willing to do hours of practice, work with demanding directors and modulate your voice on demand. Voice workshops can teach you the nuances of doing voiceover work and teach you how to control your voice and have it convey different emotions. Then you should put together a quality voice demo to send to production companies, voiceover agencies, radio and television stations and agents.

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