Fun with liquid chalk markers for Halloween




Liquid Chalk Markers

Porches filled with pumpkins, spider webs streaming through the trees, and “Give Thanks” banners hanging on every door could only mean one thing – Halloween! With the holiday almost here, don’t forget all the creative ways to decorate your house. Something to make sure to put on your shopping list this year is liquid chalk paint markers. These pen like markers have all the fun of chalk but don’t leave the same mess. They are easy to use and they make decorating for the holidays an activity the whole family can enjoy.

The liquid chalk paint markers are perfect for decorating up the front windows of your home. Whether you fancy a ghost or goblin this year, the chalk markers make it easy for you to display your creativity on your windows for all to see. The markers are for all ages and leave no mess behind. They are easy to clean up with either a dry cloth or a wet wipe – no matter how long you decide to leave your master creations up!

If you find that you are not the best at drawing things and your pumpkin looks more like a squash, no worries, you just need to purchase some A4 carbon paper and print off your favorite pumpkin picture. Attach the A4 carbon paper to the back of the picture and tape it to the window. Next, trace the picture of the pumpkin with a pencil (make sure the A4 carbon paper is behind the picture to make sure you don’t scratch up your windows), remove the paper from the window, and you will be left with your outline. Now that you have your perfect outline you can fill in with the liquid chalk paint markers.

Another creative and fun way to use the markers during Halloween is to spook up a mirror. Writing words such as “Happy Halloween” or “Boo” on the mirrors will trick out your house without breaking the bank and without leaving a mess.

These markers can also be used on glass surfaces such as mirrors, car windows, menu boards, plastic, tile, ceramic, and most all smooth surfaces. Be sure NOT to use these markers on porous surfaces, which means any surface with tiny openings, which will allow the liquid to absorb. If you’re not certain you may want to test a small area before plastering your surface with Halloween décor. And just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean you have to throw them away. Hold on to these markers for the next holiday – you’ll be glad you bought them!


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