From Pocket Square to Watch-Dressed Wrist – Gentlemen Still Exist

gentleman1When a young man starts feeling that he should change the way he dresses, it is a clear sign that he is coming of age. Sooner or later, boys turning into men ditch that casual look of ripped T-shirts and Levi’s 501 jeans. Instead, they start wearing clothes that leave a much more serious impression. Nowadays, it seems that the fashion of wearing smart clothes on a daily basis has come back and people pursue in so many ways.

Your (grand)father’s closet

If you want to create a unique fashion style of your own, you have to be ready to start a committed search for unique items. The first stop on that road should be your father’s and your grandfather’s closets. The men of the 1960s and the 1970s wore some outstandingly elegant clothes. Today, when we are polluted by massively produced, low-quality clothes, items from those decades can look spectacular. In addition, visiting stores that sell vintage clothing is another great and affordable method for paving the way to your own elegance. By applying such an eclectic selection of clothes originating from different periods of the past, you can design your own unique style. David Bowie did so and became an icon of style.


Clothes made only for you

Visiting a skilful tailor is very close to using your ancestors’ one-of-a-kind items. Opting for such a personalized approach to creating your own dress style might be a pricy (ad)venture, but your clothes will always look fresh and special if you go that way. Also, you will look more elegant than all other man men that buy clothes made for the masses. The only thing that matters here is finding highly skilled tailors that sew custom suits, so as to ensure that you get the best value for the money you invest in your personal style. That way they can take care of your clothing combinations for various purposes, from business events to intimate romantic dinners.

Elegant accessories

In addition to hiring professional tailors to create items only for you, it is also necessary to learn how to choose other details that make a well-dressed modern man. The most popular status symbol for every elegant man is the wristwatch. This little accessory can tell a lot about its owner. This is why buying a watch should not be taken for granted and it requires some time and knowledge; learn how to choose a watch with the help of this text, brought by Esquire.

Apart from watches, well-dressed modern men also need to be able to choose the right jewelry items. What everybody should know on that matter is that yellow gold has been outdated for a long time; thus, heed white gold and silver jewelry items.


Clean skin from legs to chin

The 21st century has not only come down hard to smoking, but it is also extremely hostile towards men’s hairs. Everything that made the men of the ’70s, ’80s and 90’s look cool now seems to be undesired. Keeping the upper part of your shirt unbuttoned is considered highly tasteless if your chest is not properly shaved. You might like it or not, but that is how things work these days. Since complaining is not an option, a modern man should invest in a high-quality trimmer, to remove their hairs as often as possible and stay neat all over the place.

Trends are rapidly changing and men need to pay attention to their looks more than ever before. Although it might sound too demanding for tough guys, it is wiser to accept the new rules and start grooming for the new age of men’s fashion.

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