Classic Christmas toys that will never go out of style

Classic Christmas toys that will never go out of style

Every year a new wave of Christmas toy trends sweeps the stores and sends parents across the country into a frenzy. However, there are some toys that will always be a classic, and you can be sure that they’ll always be a welcome addition to your child’s present pile. You may remember some of these toys and gifts from your own childhood – they’re here to stay, and they can be passed on from generation to generation.

The bike

It’s on every child’s Christmas list at some point, and is a present that they’ll cherish for years to come – a bike. After the initial excitement of receiving the gift, it’s important to teach your child to ride a bike so that they can make full use of it.

The best way to teach your child to ride a bike is take them out on a clear, dry day and get them familiar with sitting on the bike. Then you can show them how to use the pedals, handlebars and brakes. Although they may need some supported guidance at first, you can slowly allow them to ride by themselves. The great thing about a bike is that it’s a gift that keeps on giving for years to come.

The teddy bear

Every child will remember their first bear, and this gift can often provide comfort and sentimental value for years. There are many different teddies to choose from, and they’re still one of the most popular presents today – it’s worth having a look online to get some ideas. Although there are now many variations, the classic bear still remains the same and has now become a popular collector’s item.

The ball

Such a simple toy, yet it provides hours of fun! Balls for children to play with come in all colours and sizes, and can be used for ball games, team sports and bonding exercises. This will also encourage children to get more exercise and help them to develop their hand-eye coordination, work on their timing and sequencing, and improve their motor skills and concentration levels.

The doll

Dolls have undergone a lot of transformations and reinventions over the years, but they still remain a popular choice of toy. Whether it’s a china doll, a baby doll or a fashion doll, your child will be preoccupied with this toy for hours at a time as they dress it up and give it a character. Playing with dolls can help children to take part in role plays, improve their language skills, and help teach them emotions such as empathy.

The toy car

A toy car is a great present for any child that is a fan of automobiles. With new models of cars being released every year, a model or toy version will always follow, and collecting them can be a great hobby for children. You can even get them to start building their own models, which is a great activity for improving their concentration skills and helps them learn to follow instructions while working on their fine motor skills.

If you are feeling stuck about what to buy your child this Christmas, sometimes it’s worth going back to a traditional toy – after all, they’re classics for a reason. The main aim is to build memories over the holidays and engage in activities where you do things such as teach your child to ride a bike. One thing is certain: these classic toys will never go out of style.

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