Best Vitamins for Hair Growth: A Complete Guide

So, you would like to have longer hair but everything you do is not good enough? No matter what you do there seem to be dry and split ends and you are reluctant to visit your hairdresser’s. It is hard to fight against such persistent enemies that seem to appear after every winter making you lose your mind figuring out how to recover your hair. However, there is more to hair caring routine than just visiting a beauty salon and hoping the hair will grow longer and stronger. You need to take serious action right now!


To start off, get rid of the brittle ends. Yes, you need to visit the hairdresser to start off with a healthy hair. You have to have your hair cut once in three months in order for it to stay healthy. Meanwhile, you should treat your hair with a good conditioner. For the best results, go for the ones you can make at home.

After all that there is one specific thing you need to pay attention to – the nutrition of your hair. Having a well-balanced diet is essential for having shiny healthy hair, so you need to consider increasing the amount of your daily intake of vitamins.

Vitamin D

If your Vitamin D levels are low, you are likely to have dull brittle hair with split ends, or even worse, you might be losing some. This vitamin promotes healthy growth of the hair follicle and if you increase its levels, you are about to get a healthier follicle which will grow faster than ever. In order to get more of this vitamin you should get exposed to the sun, or opt for eating more fish, mushrooms, cheese and egg yolks.

B Vitamins

This group of vitamins play the major role when it comes to reduction of scalp irritation and hair loss. Bad habits such as consuming unhealthy food and excess use of alcohol and cigarettes lead to inhibition of Vitamin B absorption. That is why you need to improve your diet and eat a lot of leafy greens, bananas, peanuts and milk. Of course, it is advised that you should limit your alcohol and cigarette intake. Along with this you may want to consider taking supplements.



If you want to get stronger hair you should increase the amount of calcium in your body. This mineral plays an important role in hair growth. Not only will it strengthen your hair and make it grow faster and healthier, it will be beneficial to your skin, nails and teeth. Eat lots of dairy products, tunas, olives, broccoli, cabbage, peas, celery, lemons and dried figs and prunes. But, for reaching the best treatment for your hair you should include additional source of natural calcium. These supplements have proved to be effective in reducing hair breakage and enhancing hair growth.


This is an extremely important mineral for enabling your body to function in the best possible way. Our bodies are in dire need of the mineral as it is an integral part of every call. The deficiency in this mineral leads to dull and dry hair and hair loss. You can purchase hair products which have iron in them, but along with that it is vital that you eat the kind of food which is rich in it. Go for Brussels sprouts, lentils, pumpkin seeds, black beans, brown rice, potatoes, cheese, oatmeal, kale, broccoli and dark chocolate.

Taking care of your hair is more than regularly visiting your hairdresser and applying quality products. Health comes from within and you should be sure to provide your body and hair with nutritive food. Avoid bad habits such as alcohol, smoking and poor diet and make your meals rich in vitamins D, B and minerals such as calcium and iron. However, for reaching the best effects it is advised to use supplements too. In no time you will be proud of your new smooth strong long hair.