The Benefits of Switching to Organic Essential Oils

4 Top Reasons You Must Use Organic Oils

Organic essential oils have been around from the beginning of creation. Our ancestors used them to treat themselves and stay healthy before there existed any hospitals. Natural oils have plant components highly concentrated and able to do anything for your skin and body.

From lemons, grapefruits, oregano, lavender, tea tree and more, here are the benefits of using organic oils.

They help you relax and sleep

One stubborn but temporary disorder that travelers face is desynchronosis . Desynchronosis is a flight disorder frequent traveler’s face due to fatigue and traveling over various time zones. Grapefruit has unique properties that can deal with this disease. Lavender is also great in releasing relaxing effects. The scent of lavender alone can lessen the stress hormones in your body. To get the best out of it, inhale it, bath it or rub some on your night wear, pillow or bed sheets.

They heal your skin

Almost all organic essential oils can do something for the skin. Tea tree has the components able to treat several skin conditions. Tea tree can heal acne, dry stubborn pimples, and clear dark spots. Lavender is also good for healing cuts and other skin irritations. Calendula works best with unresponsive skin and will also heal acne. Lemon can brighten the skin while fighting acne at the same time.

Treats diseases

Extracted from the leaves of eucalyptus trees, eucalyptus works magic in healing colds, flu and other conditions that make your chest congested. Those that have access to the tree can chew its leaves raw and swallow the juice and it will still work. But since it is hard to access them, buy essential oil extracted from eucalyptus and rub it over the chest and put a few drops in the nose to heal Sinuses and other related diseases. Oregano works similarly to eucalyptus except for Oregano mainly treats flue. Frankincense heals bee stings and other insect bites.

Fights aging

Jojoba Oil is a powerful anti-aging oil. It contains vitamin E, iodine, vitamin B, zinc, and others. These antioxidants work to keep the skin moisturized so that it doesn’t look scaly and scrappy.

Jojoba also treats eczema, a stubborn old age skin disease. Other anti-age fighting oils include pomegranate seed oil and Frankincense. Pomegranate seed oil is great sunburn/sun block oil and also fights skin cancer. Frankincense reduces saggy skin especially when applied to the eye area. It can also improve the skin’s elasticity and give it an even tone.

How to use them?

Make sure your organic essential oils are diluted before you use them. Using highly concentrated Organic essential oils can irritate the skin. Never take advice from anywhere and just dub cotton in undiluted natural oil and rub it on your skin. If you don’t buy already diluted oil which is widely found in pharmacies and cosmetic shops, then dilute the oil by yourself. Oils like frankincense are highly irritable even when they have been diluted. Always taste the oil by using a small amount to a part of your skin and watch for reactions. Alternatively, see a skin specialist before you decide on what oil to use.