6 Essential Items for Hand Luggage When Flying




I’m heading to Australia in a few weeks to spend New Year in the sun with my friends. We have some friends who moved there last year so I’ve been saving for a long time for this trip. It’s a mammoth journey over two legs – seven hours to Dubai with a four hour stop over, then onto Sydney where we’ll land 13 hours later. That’s such a long time to be flying for so I need to plan what I will take on my hand luggage. After reading some travellers sites online I’ve got my top six items so far:

  1. Moisturiser

Flying at 30,000 feet with recycled air seeping into your skin really isn’t good news. The longer the flight, the most impact this will have. I went into my local department store to see what products I could invest in to combat this, and got chatting to the staff at the Clarins counter and they recommended this HydraQuench Cream-Gel. It comes in a handy 50ml jar which is easy to throw in with my hand luggage. The Assistant recommended that I carefully massage a pea-sized amount into my skin every 4 hours. This will keep my skins moisture levels consistent and will provide protection leaving me with a fresh, luminous, healthy looking complexion. So hopefully by the time I arrive down under, although I’ll be very tired and jet lagged, my skin should hopefully look fresh and clear.


  1. Medication


Although you can only carry restricted items on your hand luggage, you can carry medication. So make sure you sort out your repeat prescriptions before you leave for the airport and keep them in your hand luggage. When you go through security display them in one of the clear plastic bags so that they are visible on the tray for the scanning device. I take medication for asthma and allergies so I’ll need to make sure I have my regular medication packed.

  1. Toothpaste and Toothbrush


Most long haul airlines will provide you with an in-flight bag containing an eye mask, socks, face wash and little toiletries. Depending on what class of seat you’re in and the airline, will depend on what you get in the bag. Qatar Airways always offer a good selection of goodies that await you in your seat when you board. Search discount codes for Qatar Airways to make an extra saving off the cost of your flight. It’s good to check this with your airline before you pack you in-flight bag. However I’m still going to pack my own toothbrush and a travel sized tube of toothpaste just in case. It’ll be good for trying to stay fresh over the length of the journey.

  1. Magazine, books


Technology on aeroplanes has advanced by miles in recent years (if you are lucky you might even get wi-fi) but no matter how many films you can flick through over 7 hours you’ll still end up going back to reading a magazine. I’ve got a few books that I picked up at a supermarket a few weeks ago that were on offer, so I’ll pack them and grab some magazines from the airport shop too.

  1. Hairbrush and conditioning spray


This foldway travel hairbrush is the ideal size and does the job for caring for your tresses when you’re mid-flight. I got one for just 99p from a pound store. Try and keep your hair tied up or in a loose pony as your hair will also suffer from the poor air quality on board. Search for a travel sized conditioning spray that you can spray into your strands before brushing through. This will keep your locks shiny and healthy looking for arriving.

  1. Socks

You’ll probably get a nasty nylon pair of socks in your in-flight bag but I usually toss these to the side and pop on my own comfies from home. I try to always take my shoes off to stretch the stores and it helps with circulation too. So it’s nice to relax with my cosy socks on too.

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