5 Clever Ways to Get a Guy to Notice You


Finding a guy with whom you enjoy spending time with, is difficult these days. Or at least we like to think so. The truth is that the world is filled with great guys who are just waiting around, and one of them might be right for you. It is probably the tiniest obstacle that is keeping you from finding the man of your dreams. Maybe everything you need is just a bit of encouragement and some good advice to find love in a “hopeless place”. Here are five things you should know if you spot your potential Mr. Right.

Be Proactive and Positive

You can just sit there and look through your Facebook newsfeed on your smartphone for hours. Or, you can put your phone aside and actually smile and talk to people. And let’s get this one of the table: the guy is “people” too. You won’t score extra points by completely ignoring him (but don’t be too clingy either). Also, being proactive means not sitting in your house binge watching a Netflix drama, but actually going outside and getting to know people. And when you’re outside, smile and be positive. Don’t be afraid to make a first move, and if you fail, so what, you’ll try again.

Be a “Me” Person

They might claim otherwise, but men like when a woman has a life of her own. That makes her more interesting and a bigger challenge to conquer, since she’s not just sitting around waiting for the prince charming to come and rescue her from her dull life. Fill your life with a bunch of exciting and meaningful activities, like going to the gym, practicing yoga, taking up a painting course, or volunteering. The best thing about it is that, even if you do it just to impress a guy, you will end up feel more fulfilled, and he’ll drop on your priority list.

Share Your Passions

(cough)… not those kinds of passions, you naughty girl. When you, eventually, start to talk with the potential man of your dreams, don’t just talk about yourself, and avoid trivial chit-chats. Be interested in what he has to say. Let him talk about what he loves (that can be a sports club, a movie director or a book). When he’s sharing with you something that he’s really into, he is opening up to you. If you search for the best dating advice for women, you will see that it is most important to be yourself, so if you don’t know anything about the things he’s talking about, don’t pretend you do. Wait until he’s done and try to share some of your interests with him, too.

Don’t Be Misleading

Flirting and then playing hard to get are great tactics that still work. However, being too misleading can send you straight into the friend zone. Be straight about your intentions. If you are interested in a guy, show him that by flirting and ending the date with a kiss. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown snog, but a kiss will make it clear how you feel and save you from “just friends” status.

Be Confident

Don’t be his damsel in distress. No one believes in fairytales anymore. Be brave, confident and believe in yourself. Nothing can knock a guy’s socks off like a self-aware girl. Even if you are nervous when talking to him, try to keep your cool and prevent your voice from trembling. Just make sure you’re not mixing confidence with arrogance, because the latter is never an attractive quality.

Remember not to despair if you don’t find the right guy right away. Enjoy the journey – it’s not all about the catch, there is something in the hunt, too.

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