4 Things You Must Consider For Successful Diamond Drilling

Know About The Material You Will Use It To Drill Through

Diamond drilling technique is an ideal choice for making holes in glass, tiles, concrete, stone, ceramic, hard wood, porcelain, rock, shell or virtually any other material. However, there is a huge assortment of diamond drills available out there, so pick the one that can drill most efficiently with your material-to-be-cut.

diamonddrillIt is not recommended to use diamond drill bits for cutting through soft wood. To the contrary, if you are drilling though a very hard material, don’t be impatient for the results. You may also consult any of the leading professional diamond drilling companies in London or Kent and let expert diamond drilling specialists help you make the right selection.

Diamond drilling is commonly used by contractors and engineers into construction industry for various purposes but it is crucial to know which material you want to cut through using this drilling equipment at the first place.

Have You Heard Of Diamond Core Drilling?

Diamond core drills are available in many different sizes including 1mm, 3 mm and 65mm. In diamond core drilling, water is continuously running through the hollow space of the drilling machine to control its temperature; here water is used as a coolant and lubricant. This technique will help expand the service lifespan of the core drill bits.

If you find debris stuck inside the core of the drilling machine, you may use a pin or a wire brush to clean it. Some drilling specialists also try drilling the material again to remove the debris from the core.

Know How Many Times You Will Be Able To Use The Same Drill Bits

The service lifespan of your diamond drill bits is impacted by several factors including speed it is operated, effective use of lubricant, density of the material that needs cutting, etc. For example, a drill bit that can make about 250 holes in sea glass may make only 15 holes in china plate. In addition to the hardness of the material you need to drill through, the operator’s skills and experience can also add years to the lifespan of diamond drill bits.

Prevent Overheating And Avoid Extreme Pressure

Operating the drill at a very high speed and/or pressure can heat up the drill bit. It is strongly recommended that you should begin with a lower speed and then increase the speed as you continue drilling through the material. Overheated drill can cause cracks and chips into the material. Worst, it can also shorten the lifespan of the drill bit. Thus, it is vital to operate the drill at a right speed and pressure. Also, use water as lubricant in a timely and accurate manner.

Diamond drilling isn’t a child’s play. One needs to have formal training, ample experience of drilling onsite and safety gears to perform drilling in the efficient, cost-effective and safe manner. Diamond drilling specialists are qualified professionals who leverage a specific skill-set to operate the diamond drills such that they can ensure desired outcomes without causing any health or safety hazard.

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