3 ways to make your new kitchen eco-friendly


As well as ensuring your new kitchen looks stunning and is practical and comfortable to use, you might be keen to design a cooking space that’s kind to the planet. To help you along the way, here are three simple ways to make this part of your property eco-friendly.

1. Go green when choosing your materials

There’s certainly no shortage of materials to choose from when you’re planning your kitchen. From traditional stones and timbers to contemporary brushed metals and high-gloss plastics, you can take your pick from an impressive selection of resources. To boost the green credentials of your cooking area, make sure the materials you go for are sustainably sourced. For example, if you plan to deck this part of your home out in beautiful natural wood, make sure it comes from a company that takes environmental issues seriously. Suppliers such as deterra-kitchens.co.uk only use timber logged from sustainable forests where effective replanting programmes are in place.

2. Include space for recycling bins

It’s now possible to recycle a whole range of household products, from uneaten food to plastic containers and glass bottles. However, if you’re in a rush and you don’t have easy to access containers for your recycling, it can be tempting to simply dump everything in the main kitchen bin. So that you don’t fall into this lazy habit, make sure you include space for recycling containers in your kitchen. A sizeable draw complete with a few separate recycling boxes can be ideal. This will help ensure it’s easy to separate your rubbish and keep your kitchen looking spic and span.

3. Select efficient appliances

Take care when choosing your appliances too. By opting for an efficient oven, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and washing machine, you can cut your energy consumption and bring your household bills down. With this in mind, it’s important to check energy efficiency ratings before you commit to purchasing these appliances. Also, consider using compact fluorescent lights – or even better LEDs – in place of traditional fluorescent bulbs. Another top tip is to opt for taps with built-in water saving functions. These solutions can lower your water consumption by up to 40% and you probably won’t even notice a difference when you’re using them.

These simple suggestions should help you to create an eco-friendly kitchen – and the best thing is, they don’t require you to sacrifice on style or practicality, so your cooking area should still look superb and function perfectly.

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