10 Reasons You Need to Squat

Squats, they may sound a bit intimidating to you, after all you don’t want to look like a bodybuilder. Trust me, you won’t pack on tens of KG’s of muscle, you’ll just improve your overall health and flexibility.. Whilst getting the bum you’ve always dreamed of!

Improved Blood Circulation

When your muscles stretch as you squat, signals get sent to get your blood pumping more than usual through your entire body, improving your body’s ability to deal with the pressure. Improved circulation means more oxygen and nutrients getting to all your vital organs – this is a fantastic way to just function better.

Great for Digestion

Removing waste from the body is another benefit of squatting, the overall action of squatting improves the flow of fluids in your body, this enables the passing of waste through your bowels a lot more freely, helping keep you regular too!squat-BBOE-300x240

Brilliant Muscle Builder

Yes, Squats are concentrated on your leg muscles, but they’re that good of an exercise they actually promote muscle growth through your body. Squats are fairly intense, so your body enters an anabolic state, this releases hormones which are essential for muscle growth.

Non-Impact Exercise

There are plenty of ways to strengthen your muscles, running can strengthen your knees for example – the issue with that is the impact this has on your bones, imagine as you hit the tarmac after every step your bones hitting together, not nice! Squats are a relatively non-impact stress free exercise to strengthen, and not injure.

No Expensive Equipment

No need for a squat rack, no need for anything.. You just need yourself and a little bit of space. Squats can be performed anywhere, even in the toilet in your office! If you feel like they’re getting to easy, fill an empty bottle with something and hold it as you squat.

Improved Posture

Improved core strength and improved balance are two of many benefits from squatting. They’re a fantastic way to improve your posture, you’ll create a strong base through the core of your body as you get more experienced, squat lower and just generally improve.

Squats Burn Fat

It’s common knowledge now that one of the best fat burners isnt cardio, it’s weight training. Along with the deadlift, squats are the kings of the weight training world. Impacting your whole body, they leave you burning calories hours after you finished your session. Also, muscles use calories to exist, more muscle, more calories burned.

Help Prevent Injury

The movement on your knee joints will strengthen more and more, hopefully benefiting you well into your old age! No one wants to make a noise when they bend to put on shoes!

Impacts Your Whole Legs

Unlike most gym equipment, they target one specific muscle on a specific body part, not the squat. It’s a true all in one exercise, from the base of your feet right up through to the top of your inner core – the squat should be the first stop in any all body workout.

Get The Bum You Always Wanted

Ever wondered how celebrities get the bums we’ve always wanted? We’d put a lot of money on it being from consistent squatting! Squats have been proven to firm up your bum without placing yourself under much pressure at all, just keep it consistent!

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